Sunday, February 19, 2017

Creativation 2017 Booth Tour Videos: Part 1

I got a chance to do a little booth tour of some fun companies.  Here is the 1st batch of booths and people I visited from the Creativation 2017 conference, formally CHA now called AFCI.  Listed below are:
Donna Salazar at Gel Press
Christopher Cropp at Photocentric and Canvas Corp Brands
Heidi Swapp
Erin Reed (ME) at Beacon
Finnabair at Prima
Becky Higgins at Project Life
Paper House Productions Booth Tour
Ranger Demo
Amy Tangerine

I hope you enjoy my first batch of amazing finds, people, and fun from the show!!

Donna Salazar at Gel Press

Heidi Swapp

Erin Reed at Beacon Adhesives

Brutus Monroe at Canvas Corp Brands

Finnabair at Prima

Becky Higgins at Project Life

Christopher Alan Cropp at Photocentric

Paper House Productions Booth Tour

Ranger Demo of Stencils & Embossing Powders

Amy Tangerine at American Crafts

Thanks so much for stopping by!!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Happy Mail Surprise Packages made of Cards and Envelopes **Xyron**

Do you love to send of happy mail to people for fun?  I am part of a group that does just that for planner supplies.  I wanted to make my package a little extra special so I create a little surprise mini book with little hidden pockets to put all the supplies.  Open a little flap and there are some little goodies just waiting to be discovered!

I made 3 total and already mailed them off to the people I selected from the Happy Mail Planner group I am apart of.

Here is a video tutorial on how I made these fun little surprise books!!

I filled them with sticky notes, little hearts, cards, flowers, punched Rinea foil flowers, buttons, tags, and some Planner Clips and they are all held together with the Xyron Mega Runner Adhesive!!

Here are the foil planner clips I made suing Rinea foil, I just love these!! 

Video tutorial!!

I also made the other fun little clips using clothespins.

They are so easy to make, here is the tutorial!

I hope my 3 lucky ladies enjoy their little presents!!

Supplies Used
Mini Book Construction
Cards & Envelopes - SEI

Supplies Inside
Mini Cards - Prima
Flowers - Prima
Sticky Notes - Target Dollar Spot
Hearts - Target Dollar Spot
Tim Holtz Alpha & Letter cards - Tim Holtz
Buttons - Prima
Pennants - Prima
Twine - Prima

Foil Flower Clip
Paper Clips
Punch - EK & McGill
Glue - Beacon Adhesives

Brad Clips
Brads - Eyelet Outlet
Glue - Beacon Adhesives

I am blessed to work in an industry I love. As a project designer and instructor I am often given products to work with. Some of the products I work with have been given to me by companies I design for or sold to me at a discounted rate. While this in no way controls my content (I only use and blog what I love) the government says I have to tell you that I might have gotten some things for free.

Monday, February 6, 2017

3D Heart Banner **Rinea & Canavs Corp & Beacon & Xyron**

I love to decorate for Valentine's Day and this year I wanted to create a banner that I could hang on my mantle above the fire place, but I did not want a flat 2D banner, I wanted to pop!  I looked up ideas for how to make 3D hearts, and I found a super easy one that anyone can make!!

These hearts are so easy, you just need to layer different sizes together and then glue them onto a little tag shape in canvas (from Canvas Corp).  Here is a video tutorial on how to make these fun 3D hearts, plus how to make the fun die cut ones on the end.

The hearts can be as flat or 3D as you want them you be, but I like them a little more dimensional!

The die cut hearts really pop with the Reina foil too!!

I stick with pinks, reds, and neutrals for this banner, simple canvas tags with golds really make the pink and gold Rinea foil just shine!

This banner is wonderfully easy to make for a school party, adult party, home decor, or just for fun!  It can also be made by kids, since the hearts are just in layers!!  Happy Valentine's Day!!

Supplies Used
Foil - Rinea
Canvas - Canvas Corp Brands
Rope - Canvas Corp Brands
Cutter - Sixxix
Dies - Sixxix
Electric Cutter - Cricuit
Glue - Beacon Adhesives
Adhesive - Xyron

Friday, February 3, 2017

DIY Hyacinth Foil Flowers **Rinea & Beacon**

I love to make paper flowers, and when I can make them 3 dimensional it is even better!!  I love the beauty of the Rinea foils about how they shimmer, sparkle, and retain the shape you put them in as you roll it.  So I thought what would be a fun flower for spring, a hyacinth!!

The Rinea foil is perfect for this project as the paper holds it shape wonderfully when you roll it.  It also has a this amazing sparkly shimmer because it is foil!!  Here is a video on how to make these fun flowers!

They have flown to a conference and back and have still held their shape wonderfully!

I made these flowers in soft pastels, with one is a deep purple.

The glossy Rinea paper have a color on one side and gold on the back, so it really makes for a beautiful looking flower!

Now go out and make some pretty flowers!!!

Foil - Rinea Foil
Cutter/Scissors - Fiskars
Stick or Paintbrush
Glue - Beacon Adhesives

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Creativation 2017 - Video Walking Tours and Friends!

Going to the CHA or Craft and Hobby Association convention now known as AFCI (Association for Creative Industries) has been on my bucket list for a long time.  This year it became a reality!  Many companies I work for want me to come and help in various capacities, and with the aid of my family, a close friend, and a plane ticket it all came true!!

I landed on Wednesday night and my friend Betz picked me up and hosted me for the days I was there.  She became a group ride as she had a nice big van to haul people around, an awesome friend, and she got o make some wonderful connections along to way to jump start her crafty career!  I cannot begin to thank you enough for all you did for me, love you girl!!

I took a video of the vendor floor walking around talking with vendors, giving people who have not had a chance to go to the conference to get a peak at what the show is like.

Want to know what it is like to set up a booth?  Check out my set up video here.

I even got a sneak peak of behind the scenes on set up days here from Friday morning.  Set up days were Thursday and Friday

I also got a little video of the floor before the show started on Sunday.  The Show floor was open on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

I have a ton of demos of products, some booth tours from some amazing artists, and some other fun videos coming your way including my time with Fashion Fusion, my make n takes, and my haul of goodies!!

Here are a couple of the fun videos I posted while at the show, on of Amy Tangerine (she had lost her voice so the video is really short) and also of a Ranger embossing demo.

Amy Tangerine
Ranger Demo with Taylor

I had the most amazing time at the show, met some amazing people I had only met online which to me was more than worth going.  I cannot wait for next year!!

 Beth Watson
Cheryl Boglioli
 Christopher Alan Cropp
Cindy Utter
 Donna Salazar
Eileen Hull
Heather Thompson
Kari Sallee
 Ken Oliver
 Maggi Harding
Martha Hernandez
Midge & Madge
Mitsyana Wright
 Natalie Mayhew
Rebekah Meier
Rita Barakat
 Sondra Evertson
 Shannon Green
Shel Cee
Steph Ackerman, Monica Taylor, Jennifer Loftfield
Yolie Burke
Beth Kingston

Here are some of the amazing friends I got to meet in person finally - a few had met before and it was so nice to catch up!!

Such an amazing time, thanks for all the memories!!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Bold Geometry - Abstract Mixed Media Art **Tattered Angels & Canvas Corp & Beacon & Makin's Clay**

I had an itch to create something difference, something a little bit messy, something a little bit mixed media.  I love shapes, so I took a run at some color blocking, but I had to do it my way.  A little mist, paint, texture paper, cardboard, canvas, stencils, and more was just right for me!

I made this piece to be placed in the Tattered Angels section of the Canvas Corp Brands booth at Creativation 2017, formally CHA also knows now as AFCI.  Here is a video of how I made this piece.

All of this is held in place with various types of Beacon Adhesives including 3 in 1 Glue and Fast Finish Decoupage.

All the mists and paints are from Tattered Angels, and so are most of the mistable papers.  All of the other papers, textures sheets, burlap, and canvas are from Canvas Corp.

I even added in some air dry clay from Makin's Clay for some extra circle shapes!

I hope you enjoy my mixed media art fun!!  Here is my piece at the show!

Supplies Used
Cardboard - Wilton cake board
Paint Brushes
Cutters - Fiskars
Mediums - Prima
Stencils - Prima, TCW, Tim Holtz 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Reinker Test Lab Part 4 - DIY Mists, Watercoloring, and Ombre Ink Pads **Brutus monroe** Giveaway

Here is my last installment of the reinker lab where I show you some fun ideas on how to use the reinkers you have in your stash.  In test lab 4 learn how use the reinkers to make DIY products such as watercolor paint, mists, and ombre ink pads.

I made a video to show all the fun techniques and uses of these amazing little reinkers.  Brutus Monroe is offering an amazing deal for all Chalk Ink Pads plus Chalk Ink Re-inkers for the next couple months - a 20% off your ink purchase

coupon code: erinreed 

Plus here is the best part, you have a chance to win a set in mini chalk inks or reinkers for just subscribing to my YouTube Channel, full details are on my channel, but there will be 6 winners, each receiving one set of 4 mini chalk inks or reinkers!!  Amazing!!! Here is my video.
Test 10 - Watercolor
Learn how to use the reinkers to make beautiful watercolor effect using watercolor paper.  From a dry paper, wet paper, ombre, graded, and even using squeaky clean and alcohol to watercolor with. For complete results please see the video. 

Test 11 - DIY Ink Pad
Placing 2-3 colors onto a baby wipe to create a fun ombre DIY ink pad .  For complete results please see the video. 

Test 12 - Mists
Using a mini sprayer to create your own mist with water either with or without mica.  For complete results please see the video.

I will say that the Brutus Monroe reinkers are amazing.  Thanks so much for following along our the ink and reinker test lab journey.  I hope I have inspired you to create amazing projects!!

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